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Crawl Space Clean-up

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We vacuum & pump out water or sewage, disinfect all structure and soil affected, then dry out wet environment.


Water or SEWAGE in a crawl space can contribute to rot, crawl space mold, and fungi growth, which can do major damage to the property structure, such as Wood floor joists and beams. Additionally, wet crawl spaces can lead to health problems associated with mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Also moisture attracts termites and increases other insect activity & damage.

PDRS-AQUA DRY NOW can help you with a professional Crawl Space Cleaning, using a carefully engineered crawl space moisture management strategy that is implemented to control moisture levels and eliminate and /or control growing crawl space mold and fungi.

Crawl spaces fitted with traditional foundation vents (wall-vented) are particularly vulnerable to high moisture levels and mold problems.

Typical problems found with Water/Sewage in a crawl space

Standing water on top of plastic vapor barrier Water condensation droplets on cold-water pipes and ductwork

Buckled hardwood floors above the crawl space Stained walls from water penetration

Wet or fallen insulation Sewage or Musty Odor