The dirty work is our specialty !!
"Glad to be of service"
Under house decontamination process, Sewage removal
Pioneers in Sewage removal & Decontamination
both inside and under your property
At Property Damage Restoration Services (PDRS),
we are proud of the fact we can handle even the
worst of Water or Sewage Damage losses.

Because of our quick response time and efficiency
in our drying and treatment methods- Property
Damage Restoration Services is able to reduce or
eliminate any damage to your property and its
contents. The health of the property ( House /
Building ) and its occupants - is of the most utmost
priority whenever we respond to your emergency
"We are sorry you need us - But you will be glad you called us."
All health codes are met or exceeded, with our
approved clean - up procedures.
Experts at detecting & eliminating structural Mold
& Mildew, and preventing its harmful effects to the property, and to the health of its occupants.
Our exclusive 5 year odor guarantee allows us to confidently state that no Mold or Mildew will
damage your carpet or structure, once properly
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Property Damage Restoration Services
Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
FAX 1-805-577-9707
email cleanup@pdrs.com
Understanding Water Damage Related Mold and Mildew & Fungus (Photos)
"You've made the right call"

Sewage Blackflow Tragedy (Photos)
"Over 20 Years Experience, Helping in
Setting the Standards in the Cleaning
& Emergency Restoration Industry..."
Diagnosing Structure Moisture & Mildew Detection (Photos)
Mold & Mildew attacking a home's sub structure
Photos by Kevin Benson
Article: Dangerous Toxic Mold THE FIRE CURE (Photos)
Important Health Information. Open Letter (Photos)
Additional Photos